Annual Support Packages

Annual advisory and support packages for schools

Support to cover all aspects of curriculum technology

Our support packages makes it easier for you to plan your CPD for the year ahead.  Included in the package will be:

Initial visit and audit

  • A half day visit to discuss and evaluate your current situation and to help you identify focus area(s).
  • A three year action plan to address areas identified.

Support sessions

  • One support session per term, equivalent to a twilight or half day as appropriate.
  • These sessions will be identified and planned during the initial visit.
  • Additional sessions can be added as needed at a reduced cost.

Ongoing support

  • Throughout the year, support will be available via email, telephone and text, with access for all staff to an online support area.

Review and evaluation

  • On completion of the support, a follow up visit will be arranged to discuss progress and help you identify next steps.
  • All visits/support sessions will be documented and a school visit record sent to the lead person. Where appropriate, certificates of attendance will be issued.

Scheme of work for Computing/ICT

  • Access to a scheme of work for computing and resources to help staff plan and deliver computing across the curriculum.

Download the information leaflet to find out more and to book your initial visit.

Annual-support-v2.pdf (395 downloads) Information-leaflet-v2.pdf (491 downloads)

Free network meetings

These are FREE termly network events across Staffordshire and are a great opportunity to learn from each other as well as get relevant and timely updates about ICT and computing.

Please use the calendar on the right to scroll through and find an event near you.

Feedback from our last event was very positive!

Thank you for making my first meeting as an ICT leader so enjoyable and beneficial.

Thanks for putting on the event. I liked the way the presentation notes were given to us in numbered sections and had a space for us to write things down. It was very clear. A lot was covered which was great as we can look up things in more detail, or ask you for more detail on aspects if we require that.

The training was really clear and informative. Sally was very knowledgeable and kept interest throughout the session.

A real eye opener to the dangers of computing in today’s open world!


Website Audit

Does your school website meet the new updated statutory requirements?  When was the last time you audited your website to ensure it is compliant with the regulations?

The DfE has updated what schools and colleges should publish on their website from 1st November 2016.

  • Is all the required information in place on your website?
  • Is it easy to locate?
  • How does your school appear in internet search results?
  • How clearly is your school website displayed on mobile devices?
  • Does your school have a positive social media presence?

A comprehensive report that covered all statutory requirements and offered constructive feedback to improve our website further.


Let us check your website for you. Our website checking service will carry out an audit of the school website:

  • against the most up to date statutory requirements
  • how your website appears in internet search results
  • your school presence within popular social media services
  • how your website displays on popular mobile devices

A fast and efficient service to help ensure Ofsted compliance and good practice. This enabled us as an RI school to make some quick wins.

We will provide you with a full report for £200.

If you would like to place an order for a website review, please complete and return the order form below School-website-audit-request.docx (264 downloads)

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss this further, please complete the contact form below and we will get in touch with you.

  Information-leaflet-v2.pdf (491 downloads)

Online Safety

Online safety support

With the rise of mobile devices online safety has arisen out of nowhere to become one of the biggest worries facing schools.  Those schools without effective policy and practice in place are finding that there can be severe consequences when things go wrong.Online safety is a concern for all schools.  We will support  staff, governors and parents/carers with workshops tailored to your requirements.

As a qualified Online Safety Award Assessor and accredited online safety consultant I can help you ensure that everything you need is in place to keep staff, students and the wider community safe.  Why not start with the brilliant 360 Audit Tool from South West Grid for Learning?  This tool will quickly help you to audit your current policy and practice and I can help you to complete each aspect and assess your provision.

360 degree safe logo

Online-Safety-GOVERNORS-v2.pdf (334 downloads) Online-Safety-STAFF-v2.pdf (358 downloads) Online-Safety-PARENTS-v2.pdf (347 downloads)


Have your staff and governors read the Keeping Children Safe in Education document?  Do you have evidence to show this?  Download our free questionnaire to share with all members and assess their understanding of this important document.

KCSIE-questions-and-answers.pdf (8221 downloads)

Contact me to discuss your requirements here


Many schools are confused by the vast range of technology that is available to them, some schools are not sure how to make the best use of the resources they already have and some schools are concerned about how to keep their students safe and  ensure they are meeting current guidelines.

If you are one of these schools, then I can help you.

Read more about my experience in education here

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iPads and other mobile devices promised the biggest revolution in education since the computer first came to our classrooms in the 1980s.  Many schools are still struggling to make the best of the opportunities on offer from these devices.

I have worked with a large number of schools to help them see how they can use mobile devices to revolutionise the learning process.

Learn more about me and the work I have done here

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Since the introduction of the National Curriculum for Computing in 2014, schools have been wondering just what is expected from them by these challenging learning outcomes.  When you really look closely at this curriculum it really isn’t as challenging as it might first appear and many of the objectives you already do across your curriculum, such as computational thinking, debugging and algorithms, but you probably haven’t called them that!  Do remember that ‘learning to code is coding to learn‘ and students will acquire so many more skills than just coding and programming.

Download some hints and tips to share with staff and discuss how the Computing Curriculum is being delivered in your school.  Computing-curriuclum-hints-and-tips.pdf (350 downloads)

If  you would like support with the Computing Curriclum, then please do contact me to discuss your requirements, click here

coding to learn